Staging to Sell

Why should you stage your home?

AGG Redesigns believes staging is all about allowing potential buyers to see your home in its "Sunday best". The goal is to spruce it up to sell quickly. Think of the money you invest in staging as an investment in the sale.

We love placing furniture, window treatments and accessories for maximum buyer appeal!  We want your home to be seen in all of its glory so that it appears large enough to hold a buyer's belongings and yet feels like a home to live in for many years.  Ultimately, we work to add value and be part of your quick sell.

  • A study by RESA in 2016 found that homes, not staged, would sit on the market, on average, for 143 days. Those same homes, once staged, sold, on average in 40 days. This equates to a total of 183 days on the market. When staged first (prior to listing), homes averaged 23 days on the market. Bottom line—sellers are better off staging first and then having their home listed as they will sell 87% faster than they would if they listed first and then staged.
  • 90% of people can not envision the potential of an empty or cluttered home. As the seller, it is your job to help them see your home in the best possible light.  Let us help you create a space that the Buyer can envision as their own.  

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